photo vp amma1Vaughn Paul Manley, M.A, (Pavitran) is a full time Vedic astrologer who has been practicing professionally since 1992. He has a master’s degree in counseling psychology and an elementary school teaching credential. He is a certified teacher and tutor with the American College of Vedic Astrology (ACVA), and is a contributing author for the ACVA Online Course. He has been a faculty member at several of ACVA’s conferences, and has taught

His articles have been published in The Mountain Astrologer, Journal of Astrology, Express Star Teller, CVA Journal, Zento Magazine, and Maui Vision Magazine. Many of his articles and lessons have been translated into Japanese and he has taught six weekend seminars in Tokyo, Japan since October, 2004.

with Sri K.N. Rao May, 2000, and Sri R. Santhanam, Dec, 1992

He has spent 16 months in India studying with such well-known astrologers as his Jyotish guru, Sri K.N. Rao, editor of the Journal of Astrology and founder of the largest astrology school in the world, and the late Sri R. Santhanam, translator of the classic text, Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. While completing his master’s degree in Santa Fe, New Mexico he tutored for three years with Vedic scholar Dr. David Frawley, former president of ACVA, and author of Astrology of the Seers. Since 2000, his primary mentor has been Marc Boney, M.A. who is a senior student of K.N. Rao, and scholar of classic Jyotish texts.

Vaughn Paul has practiced yoga and meditation since 1977, and has studied Sanskrit since 1992, both in India and with the American Sanskrit Institute.

He lives in Maui, Hawaii with his wife and son and is available for private readings and tutorials by phone or in person.

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